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Courses are mounted on a Moodle-type platform. The course consists of several units and each unit is made up of reading material, spoken videos, as well as evaluation questionnaires.

Course added value: real time assistance will be provided during the course in case is needed to clarify doubts or share comments. Assistance is provided by the course instructor and creator. Course will be open until completion.

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Well Test Analysis Overview.

Main objective is to present a brief summary on Well Testing Methodology which is commonly used to identify in quite a fast way the reservoir model associated to the drainage or injection area of the well under testing and to determine the parameters related to the reservoir flow capacity as well as the evaluation of present well productivity which are results derived from Pressure Transient Analysis (PTA)

Learning Objectives

Course Content

Course is divided in IV Modules and each Module (I to III) consists of reading material and a video containing spoken presentation. Module IV is a knowledge evaluation test.

Module I.

Pressure Data Acquisition

Module II.

PTA Pressure Transient Analysis

Module III.

Well Test Design

Module IV.

Knowledge Evaluation tests

Estimated course completion time: 80 hrs.
However, course will be open until you finish it.
Cost: 450 US$

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